Visitor Information:

Location of the ballpark: Prague, Czech Republic, Svoboda Park, Dolakova st. 1/555, Prague 8 GPS: 50°8'0" N, 14°24'10.26" E


There will be a free entry to this event

Refreshment and Merchandising

Refreshment can be purchased in the ballpark. There will be seating at both stalls that offer a variety of refreshments. Apart from food and drink, you will be able to purchase memorabilia with the motifs of the European Championship and fan merchandise with the logo of Czech Softball.


A strict ban on smoking will be in effect at the ballpark during the course of the European Championship, with the exception of designated smoking areas. Please be considerate of other visitors, children and player at the ballpark.

Accompanying Program, Children and Dogs

Games will be accompanied with music and live commentary, and there will be competitions for fans during evening games. Children can take part in skills competitions, or hang out in the kids‘ corner.

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